Course aims

The NPORS N402 course aims to provide the candidate with a thorough practical and theory training in Slinging and Signalling Loads in order to enable the candidate to pass the NPORS Theory and Practical Tests.

npors appointed person training

    Course content

    Through a combination of targeted training and experience, a slinger/signaller will be able to:

    • Describe the nature of the sector of industry and their role and responsibilities as a Slinger/Signaller.
    • Name and explain the purpose of differing types of lifting equipment and lifting accessories, basic construction, uses and applications, characteristics and terminology.
    • Confirm with Manufacturer’s requirements as per the technical data, other types of information source and the relevant regulations and legislation.
    • Interpret and extract information on all relevant documentation.
    • Undertake all pre-use checks on non-specialist lifting accessories and identify non- serviceable items.
    • Explain procedures for placing non-serviceable items out-of-service.
    • Identify centres of gravity and estimate weights of loads.
    • Prepare and ready the area of operation.
    • Choose the relevant lifting accessory for a given load.
    • Explain action required for hazards, underground and overhead services.
    • Secure various types of load to a lifting hook using the relevant lifting accessory and procedures.
    • Ensure load balance, security and integrity.
    • Direct and guide the movement of loads to different types of location.
    • Accurately place loads.
    • Arrange, use and comply with communication procedures.
    • Maintain safe working conditions.
    • Carry out shut down and securing procedures.

    To achieve the NPORS Operators Card candidates must pass both the NPORS Theory and Practical Test.