Mobile confined Spaces Training

A confined space is an enclosed place where serious injuries and even death may occur because of hazardous gases, lack of oxygen and so on. Research suggests that working in confined spaces is one of the most dangerous hazards of workplace. Under the domestic law of workplace health and safety Act 1974, employers in the UK are responsible for guarantying the safety of their workforce. In fact, in 1997, confined space regulations were introduced by the government to prevent injuries and deaths resulting from working in confined spaces. Failure to comply with this law can result in dangerous consequences for the employers.

What This Training Offers

Our confined spaces training is for individuals who enter confined spaces such as manholes, chambers, vessels or shafts. This will be a comprehensive course that will not only ensure your safety in future, but will also enhance your career opportunities. Following is a brief outline of what will be covered in this training programme:

  • Our experts will make sure that you thoroughly understand the rules and regulations set by Government regarding confined spaces.
  • You will be taught to use equipment to check the level of hazardous gases in the space. This atmosphere monitoring will come in very handy when entering confined spaces.
  • You will be trained to check the equipment before using them.
  • Complete handling of breathing apparatus will be demonstrated thoroughly to ensure that you use them properly before entering.
  • Finally, practical demonstration will be conducted to give you hands-on experience. This is done to check if you have completely understood our training and are fit to apply the practices learnt.

What Careers You Can Pursue

Our incredible confined spaces training opens up new doors and career opportunities for you. Following is a list of career paths that you can pursue after completing our course:

  • Underground engineering
  • Water distribution (sewerage processing operator)
  • Boiler room maintenance
  • Wastewater treatment

End Result

By the end of this training, participants will be able to understand and summarise the confined safety rules and regulations. They will be able to identify a confined space and the risks associated with it. Also, they will know different techniques of risk control. Finally, using breathing apparatus, they will be able to enter confined spaces safely.

Mobile confined spaces

Mobile confined spaces training
Mobile confined spaces training
Mobile confined spaces training