Forklift Training

Handling and operating heavy machinery in a safe manner is a valuable skill, especially if you are in the logistics industry. Forklift truck operators are in high demand in the United Kingdom as they play an important role in efficient running of depots, deliveries and warehouses. Although there is no formal forklift driving license required to operate forklifts, operating them requires at least some amount of training.

Why Forklift Training Is Necessary

Forklifts are specifically designed to carry heavy loads in confined spaces. This makes their design and structure different from most other vehicles. Driving a forklift without any load is in itself challenging; adding load surely makes it even more difficult. Therefore, driving forklifts is a handy skill that requires specialised training.

Areas in Which You Will Require Training

Following are the most common areas of forklift training that you are expected to master in our course:

Equipment Checks

You must be expected to know about the different equipment and ensure their effective functioning before driving forklifts. As drivers, you must be able to make routine operational checks according to the basic safety standards specified by the Government. This course will provide hands-on training on equipment checks.

Vehicle Manoeuvring

This is the most important and challenging aspect of driving forklifts. Manoeuvring forklifts in confined spaces is not easy. This course will provide you extensive training and practice in handling forklifts.

Cargo Control

This includes loading and offloading cargo. It also requires balancing the loads and handling forks smoothly. You will be trained by our amazing experts who will ensure that you manage cargo effectively.

What We Offer

We offer a comprehensive forklift training for individuals seeking to enhance their careers or companies looking to train their workforce.

In-house Training

The UK’s safety laws require companies to implement certain security measures. Our training ensures that your company’s forklift drivers have at least some level of expertise before operating it.




Refresher Courses

Drivers may require training on periodic basis to comply with Government’s safety regulation standards. We provide refresher courses to forklift drivers and thereby minimising the risks and dangers associated with forklift driving.

What You Need to Get Started

Fortunately, there are not many restrictions or strict regulations on driving forklifts. All you need to get started is 18 years of age and a reasonably good health condition. Training with us opens up new pathways and gives you an amazing skill set to advance your career in the logistics industry. For more information on the course and instructors, please feel free to contact us.