Course aims

The NPORS N107 course aims to provide the candidate with a thorough practical and theory training in operating a Lorry Loader in order to enable the candidate to pass the NPORS Theory and Practical Tests.

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Course content

Through a combination of targeted training and experience, an individual with the lorry loader will be able to:

  • Describe the nature of the sector of industry and their role and responsibilities as a plant operator.
  • Name and explain the purpose of principal components, the basic construction, controls and terminology.
  • Confirm with manufacturer’s requirements as per the operator’s handbook, other types of information source and relevant regulations and legislation.
  • Explain all relevant documentation.
  • Undertake all pre – use checks on the host vehicle and loader crane.
  • Configure the vehicle and loader crane ready for travel.
  • Travel the vehicle to an area of work.
  • Maneuver in confined spaces.
  • Position and configure the vehicle and loader crane for lifting duties.
  • Deploy the stabilizers to specification.
  • Explain action required for hazards, underground and overhead services.
  • Program/set – up and/or comply with Rated Capacity Indicators or Load Moment Indicators for lifting duties.
  • Identify weights and centers of gravity of loads.
  • Lift various loads using the full radius and slewing capabilities of the loader crane.
  • Place loads accurately at designated positions including on/into and from the vehicle.
  • Explain the use of, types and fitting of boom extensions.
  • Minimize the swinging loads.
  • Secure loads on or in the vehicle.
  • Explain different types of lifting accessories compatible with loader crane use.
    Maintain safe working situations.
  • Carry out shut down and securing procedures.

To achieve the NPORS Operators Card candidates must pass both the NPORS Theory and Practical Test.